Ed Lee For Congress

Ed Lee leads an engineering team for the non-profit Internet company, Mozilla, to develop Firefox features that promote user choice for liberty. He runs this campaign on his principles of “Non-Profit” and “For Liberty” to win Nevada CD2 for Democrats by contrasting with the incumbent, Mark Amodei, who has voted 100% with the money and 96% with Republicans.

Non-Profit: Americans are tired of the inequality caused by Congress filled with members chasing after money who gain politically for dispensing money to their districts. This greed also corrupts the good intentions of improving the economy and education such as the failed bank bailouts and No Child Left Behind where foreclosed homeowners and disadvantaged students did not benefit from the money.

For Liberty: Because Congress is too busy looking for money, your rights get trampled on — such as NSA-type spying invading your 4th amendment rights or SOPA-like bills destroying your 1st amendment rights. Without privacy and freedom to say and do what you want, fundamentals for democracy of participating and voting are restricted. Whether Congress is doing this on purpose or not, it is driving our country towards tyranny.

Ed Lee and his wife, Sue-Ting, are actively participating in the local community and government including Reno Collective, WashoeDEMS, and local non-profits. Ed Lee wants to empower these local groups to do more and do better with his “Democratic Revenue Sharing” plan where taxpayers can choose to direct their federal taxes to their local communities and not to the federal government. This choice keeps all levels of government accountable to make sure they stay away from corruption and tyranny to move towards “Non-Profit” and “For Liberty.”

From the weekly blog

It’s Time to Vote on Tuesday

Ed and Sue finishing the bike ride

Earlier this week, my wife and I biked around Lake Tahoe for America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride. Biking the 72 miles around and more than 4000 feet of rolling climbs was actually pretty similar to my going door-to-door. Each time I go out to talk to people, I put on my biking outfit and ride from house to house to help protect the environment instead of frequently starting and stopping a car’s engine. Over the many weeks of canvassing, I’ve easily accumulated more distance and elevation than the loop around Tahoe.

We’ve done various century rides before — this 72mi loop is definitely over 100km — and each time the final stretch can be so difficult. For this ride, there’s extra fun with the climb up Spooner before descending into South Lake Tahoe. Just like campaigning, we’re in the final stretch and this is the last blog post before primary elections. So let’s keep pushing and finish strong on Tuesday!

Remember to vote by 7pm!

Early Voting Makes Voting Easy

Ed Voting Early

I took a short break from going door-to-door to stop by a nearby early voting polling location. It’s nice to have the extra flexibility to hop into any of the polling locations for early voting at a convenient time then get back to usual activities for the day. Not only is early voting flexible in location, one has the flexibility of voting over two weeks at one’s convenience.

This was actually my first time voting early in person, and I was impressed with the whole streamlined process. All I needed was my sample ballot with my name and the barcode, then I verified some information to receive the voting card to use with the touchscreen machine. I was in and out in just a few minutes with no waiting at all.

Will you vote early?

Top Issues from Canvassing

Walk Lists and Postcards

Thanks again to Chip Evans for having me on his show again. This time I gave an update on our canvassing such as the feedback I’ve received as a candidate knocking on doors asking people how I can represent them. There were also other candidates in other races that also got to talk about how they too are enjoying talking to people and figuring out top concerns and priorities.

By far, the most frequently mentioned issues relate to money in politics, education, the environment, and immigration. There has also been a wide range of other topics including healthcare, women’s rights, mental health, unemployment, social security, veterans, wild horses, and more. Pretty much everyone agreed that many issues would be better handled if the local governments just had more money to do more and do better with a plan like Democratic Revenue Sharing.

For the most mentioned issue of money in politics, we’re mailing out postcards highlighting how I believe governments should listen to the people and not to the money. It’s a core piece of why I’m running and the platform of Non-Profit and For Liberty, and if you’re on this website, you can read plenty more about that.

What are your issues?

Teaching our Children

Ed Teaching Students

It was lots of fun helping teach a 5th grade class about our government and how it works. We talked about the different branches with their checks and balances, and I asked them plenty of questions to keep them thinking and inquisitive. Afterwards, the students participated in a “Class Congress” where they practiced their critical thinking and reasoning skills.

For many students, public schools are the primary way kids learn, so it makes sense for people to want to improve the infrastructure and better the learning environment, so the future generation is more educated to take on whatever challenges they face. Often times new ideas or standards are introduced, yet teachers and schools do not have the resources and flexibility to take advantage of the situation. Hopefully we can improve things so that educators are teaching our children at their best capacity.

Teaching also happens outside of schools, and I believe people should encourage our children to always be thinking. Just like I was asking the students questions about checks and balances, we can ask questions all the time even not in a classroom setting. Hopefully these questions prepare our future generation to question if politics as usual is the best way to get things done and come up with creative ways to keep governments accountable.

How will you help our students learn all the time?

Putting Fear into Politicians

County Convention Delegate

Last week, I participated in the Washoe County Democratic Convention both as a convention delegate and as a candidate. It was informative to talk with some of the most active and dedicated Democrats in our county to hear their concerns and issues. I also spoke to the whole convention on my ideas of keeping governments accountable.

Hi, my name is Ed Lee. I like to help people through the Non-Profit Mozilla by leading a team of software engineers to develop Firefox features to promote user choice For Liberty. I’m running for Congress because I would like to help people in Reno, Washoe, Nevada, and our country. Our governments could be serving the common good, but too often it seems they only serve those with the most money. Many of us know this all too well as Amodei often votes with whoever gives him the big bucks.

Governments should listen to the people, not to the money. Some of you already know this as I’ve come by your house asking, “How can I Represent you?” The responses have been positive and diverse, e.g., funding education infrastructure, improving downtown core, promoting Reno is Artown, supporting Earth Day groups.

All of these local projects could do more and do better if they just got more funding, and I want to address this at the same time as making governments listen to the people. My plan is called Democratic Revenue Sharing. Politicians dismiss people’s voices and concerns way too easily, so I want to empower people with a choice to direct their federal taxes to governments at the federal or local levels. We can put fear into politicians by taking away their money and giving it to those who do listen and act the way we want. This tool combined with those that improve transparency and our voice will result in an active population that directs our governments to do good.

I believe I am the best candidate to go against Amodei because non-partisans also like my platform of Non-Profit and For Liberty. They too are disgusted by how governments are controlled by money instead of the will of the people. Thanks.

Will you help me take back our government?